10 Ways to Hold a Backyard
Wedding To Remember

Every bridal couple wants the perfect wedding and that ideal location may be as close to home as your own backyard. Holding a backyard wedding is appealing on so many levels and can allow you much more freedom when choosing a date. Not to mention that the money you save can be put to good use with home and landscaping upgrades that have lasting value. Meet the unique challenges of a backyard wedding head on with these tips and strategies sure to help you enjoy the memorable wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember to Have Enough Room. Your backyard wedding shouldn’t be cramped, so remember to calculate how many guests you can comfortably hold. Take caterers, bartenders and other serving staff into account with your calculations and opt to be realistic instead of hopeful. A smaller yard will hold a smaller wedding best.

Remember the Unpredictable Weather. If you don’t want to have soaked wedding guests inside your house, it’s a good idea to rent a tent or shelter in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Measure your space and opt for the design and model that best suits your grade and layout.

Remember the Theme. Most weddings have themes, but they’re especially helpful with a backyard wedding and can bring all of the decorating and menu options together. Look around at the colors in the yard to build on what’s already there. Lush green grass goes well with blues, pinks, creams and yellows. Opt for easy materials such as ribbon, sash, crepe and scrapbook paper for accents and crafty decoration. Floral centerpieces are a popular option, but a simple glass bowl filled with fruits, shells or even rocks is also a unique idea.

Remember to Delegate. There are so many things to do when planning for a wedding that you are going to need some help. Delegate the smaller details to eager friends and family, including these minor, but important tasks:
• Parking – If there is space nearby, such as at a church or mall, have someone arrange for a shuttle service using a bus or group of vans. Or hire a valet parking service to do that for you. If the street is where guests will end up parking, ask someone to notify the neighbors and local authorities.
• Power Outage – Just in case, rent or borrow a quiet generator and have someone in charge of setting up and getting it rolling should the power go out.
• Portable Washrooms – Be sure to have at least one toilet for every 25 guests and have someone else arrange it all for you.

Remember the Condition of the Yard. Take a close look at your lawn well before the wedding arrives. Reseed patchy areas, replace sod if needed and keep the grass cut and tended to. Collect grass clippings and leaves spread around and check out whether the yard has drainage issues or major puddles. Think about how the surface will be when walking in high heels. If your patio or driveway needs work, start fixing them up ahead of time. Make sure your elderly and disabled guests have adequate access.

Guests will connect and reconnect throughout your wedding reception and they’ll need plenty of seating to do so. Comfy chairs and cozy nooks are a necessity. Consider hanging hammocks and installing wooden white porch swings in the front and back yard. Furnish a private corner with a cushioned loveseat and bench. The furniture will be a lasting memento of the day, so consider it an investment.

Remember the Bloom Times. Plant flowering shrubs in the gardens and throughout the landscape so that your yard is full of color when the time comes. This will mean paying attention to the bloom times of certain varieties. Bu rest assured the effort is worth it, after the wedding you will be rewarded with blooms every year for your anniversary.

Remember the Music and Lights. You’ll need some songs, even if there won’t be dancing, so plan for a musical addition to the day. Whether you hire a quartet, ask a special friend to play as you walk down the aisle or simply use recorded music on the computer, music will be an important part of the day. Backyard wedding receptions that last into the evening hours will also need to be well lit. Hang strings of mini-lights or patio lanterns from the tent. Place tall lamp stands in the corners of the yard to draw the moths away from the crowd. New solar powered landscape lights are a great idea and will be another nice addition to your backyard after the wedding.

Remember That Buying Can Be Better. For the tables and chairs, it only makes sense to rent. But when it comes to glassware, dishes and flatware, you may be better to buy these items at Ikea or another similar store. Donate them to charity after the wedding if you like.

Remember to Stay Cool. In the interest of avoiding sweaty dresses and sticky tuxes, consider complex cooling systems that use mist and flash evaporation to keep the bridal party and guests cool. Place portable fans throughout the yard as well, allowing a breeze to blow the whole day.

Remember to Take Pictures. Record the goings on at your big day with candid shots taken by your videographer or photographer. Portrait shots of your guests are another unique idea and can be easily set up. Some couples rent photo booths and enjoy the goofy shots and poses taken. Also, for a small cost you can give each guest or every table a disposable camera and appreciate their perspective of the event.

Holding your nuptials in the backyard will definitely be a celebration for all to remember. Have fun and let loose in your own home.

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