How to Get the Groom Involved
in the Wedding Planning

He’s an essential part of the final production, but he’s often a bit player in the planning. Unfortunately, the groom often does not get much of a say in the planning of a wedding—and often, he doesn’t want to. Yet, there are some techniques you can use to help get your groom involved in the pre-wedding planning.

Resist the Urge to Demand -
Getting the groom involved does not mean giving him a “to-do” list. Instead, figure out those areas where he might enjoy participating. For instance, if he enjoys music, you might ask him to select the organist, harpist, or guitarist for your ceremony. The idea is to make him feel as if he has ownership in the event.

Graciously Ask for His Help -
Let your beloved know—gently—that you just can’t handle all the planning duties alone. The wedding plan could represent your first partnership as a couple. Therefore, it’s important for you to let him know that you respect his opinion and would appreciate his input on key decisions. Be sure you both keep good records with wedding planning organizer so you don’t overlap tasks or accidentally miss something.

Begin with Minor Issues -
Deciding where the reception should be held is a big decision, and may require a great deal of contemplation. Instead of taking on the important decisions first, initially concentrate on some of the less daunting aspects of wedding planning. Once you have the minor details out of the way, you can focus on the big picture items together as a couple.

Let the Groom Do Some Surfing -
One task that your groom might want to handle is researching the Internet for information. He can search out a list of reception deejays in your area, find tips on proper wedding etiquette, and search out tuxes for his groomsmen. If your husband-to-be enjoys his computer, this might be the perfect assignment for him to take on.

Don’t Dismiss His Suggestions Out of Hand -
If you have your vision of what your wedding should be, you actually may resent it when your groom offers suggestions. It’s important for you to recognize the fact that it’s his wedding, too, and therefore his input can be valuable in the wedding planning process. So, resist the urge to dismiss his ideas—even if they seem a little far-fetched.

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