Having Your Wedding Bands Engraved

For many betrothed couples, one of the most exciting experiences is the purchase of the wedding bands. The rings are a symbol of permanence and undying love, a sign of a groom’s love for his bride and vice-versa. Some couples like to make the moment when the rings are exchanged even more personal by having the wedding bands engraved.

Why Have Your Wedding Rings Engraved?
There are many good reasons to engrave your wedding bands. For example, it’s a wonderful way to show your solidarity with your new spouse. For another, it can be a means of expressing special sentiments, such as words of affection that have been exchanged between you and your beloved. Finally, it can truly personalize your ring, close to designing your own rings, making it a treasured keepsake for your family.

A Variety of Engraving Options
Of course, when it comes to engraving, there are a number of options that you can choose from. For instance, many couples prefer something simple, such as engraving their initials with a plus sign between them. Others like including their first names, while still others prefer a phrase that is particularly special to them. Or, to remember your wedding location and date.

The History Behind the Tradition
You should be aware of the fact that there is a significant history behind the tradition of engraved rings. According to long-standing custom, the wedding ring is the last in a series of gifts, preceded by the engagement ring, which celebrates betrothal, and the promise ring, which symbolizes courting.

The practice of engraving engagement or wedding rings may have begun in Europe, where the name of one’s spouse and the date of the impending wedding served as a symbol of family. Over the years, some couples have taken the tradition in a humorous direction, engraving their rings with funny phrases. Others strike a religious tone with their engravings.

A Special Touch You Will Treasure
In the end, an engraved wedding ring represents a lasting memory—a memory of the moment that two hearts joined together in a union of body, mind, and soul. It’s the type of fashion accessory that never goes out of style—that is appropriate for every outfit, for every mood. For a lasting memory for your guests, leave them with personalized wedding favors to remember your special day by.

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By Michelle O’Connor, Custom Made Engagement Rings

Wedding Ring History

The Wedding SpeechThe meaning of the wedding ring can be traced back almost 5,000 years. It is said the wedding ring tradition was first originated by the Egyptians who some 4,800 years ago twisted plant material (such as hemp) into rings and bracelets. The wedding ring is a symbol and throughout time this symbol has stood for love, devotion and at times simply for an arrangement between families. A ring in its simplest forms is a circle: meaning 'eternity.' The meaning behind the symbol has remained the same throughout time and over continents. "I love you" "I want to be with you forever" and "You are mine."


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