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Cars are likely to be the last thing on the minds of the busy, overwhelmed couple. However, family and attendants, some of your out-of-town guests, and most importantly, you and your significant other, will need some mode of transportation. Choosing your own escape mobile, like any other feature of your wedding, should balance and go with your sense of style as a couple.

In some places you can hire a horse-drawn carriage! Your carriage should be stylish and clean. You cannot go a long distance by carriage and not keep your guests waiting. Follow the coachmanís advice about touching the horses and feeding them delicacies at the wedding, and try not to spill drinks, either on his carriage or on your wedding dress, when the horses lurch to a start or stop.

Your transport has to be big enough to hold the often-voluminous attire of the bride without crowding. If you opt for a limousine service there are several things to remember as you shop around. Make sure to ask several questions when looking for a limo service. You may want to take cost into account and hire a service just for your specific needs, although almost all wedding limousine companies have packages.

You donít have to limit yourself to these two time-tested options. Why not rent a car or SUV limo if you have a large bridal party? Have a blast from the past and use a classic car. A hot-air balloon can be a fun way to arrive at your wedding reception. Arrive on horseback. A couple that enjoys golfing can arrive on a golf cart. Arrive on tractor for a country-themed wedding.

Companies across the US and Canada rent out luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMWís, Lexus coupes and Saab convertibles. Matching mountain bikes, in-line skates and horses are other travel options. If youíll be tying the knot in an unusual setting such as a deserted beach, a mountain, or a Venetian canal, nothing will complete the moment quite like the theatrical arrival by means of parasail, helicopter or man-powered gondola. However, if you have a large wedding party, and want them to arrive with you, you canít beat a party limousine!

When it comes to choosing a mode of transportation, some brides make a few calls from the Yellow Pages and make their selection based on the lowest price. If you decide to go with the classic limo, or even a luxury rental, you should ask some questions: what types of vehicles the company offers, which car will you get on your wedding day, what color, what is the year and model of the car, additional fees, what if you need it longer than expected, etc.

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