How To Spot a Good Videographer

Finding a skilled videographer can be a tricky process. There are many differing opinions on what you should look for, but the main thing is to keep it simple. Couples already have too much to plan and order, so keep the decision-making process as easy as possible. A thorough yet simple assessment of your videographer can be done by using the W.O.W. concept:

Work: View examples of their work. Take a look at their demo video, which is their best work, but also view a completed wedding in the same style or package you are considering. Look at the picture quality, transitions between shots, and the flow of the video. Listen to the soundtrack. You donšt really need a long checklist, just evaluate their work based upon what kind of finished product you want. Try watching their work on your own VCR to get the best idea of what your finished video would look like.

Options: Discuss the options you are interested in and what additional costs are involved. Do you want a custom soundtrack, photomontage, interviews, or multiple cameras? Do you want a simple documentary, or more of a storytelling video? Discussing what you are interested in is a good way to find out if the videographer will be sensitive to your tastes and style. This can be very important when it comes to shot selection, candid moments, and special effects.

Writing: Get it in writing. This is helpful to everyone involved. So many things are discussed when talking about your prospective video, that some details may be left out when it comes to the day of shooting. Clarify each of the details and have them included in your final contract. Be sure the name of the videographer is also included so that you get the person who shot the video you liked so well. Find out if they use a job order or shot list and request a copy to check for accuracy. If the videographer is unwilling to do any of this, move on.

The W.O.W. concept is a simple and easy way to evaluate a videographer. There are many other questions and checklists you may find useful, but the bottom line will always be these three things:
- Are you highly impressed by real examples of their Work?
- Can you get all of the Options and personal touches you want, for the price
   you want?
- Will all of the details be in Writing to ensure you get your dream on video?

If the videographer you want to hire is able to pass these simple tests, you can be sure you've found a good videographer who may just "W.O.W." you with your finished video.

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